PTLAHS Christmas Toy Drive.

Date Published: December 14, 2019

This year Prepa Tec High School ASB partnered with El Sereno Middle School and held a Christmas Toy Drive. PTHS Gage and Stafford site students donated toys for a special cause. All toys went to assist Leo and Emily Hernandez who advocate for children with brain cancer after their daughter, Valentina, lost her battle to this dreaded disease. Mr. Hernandez is a plant manager for LAUSD and Mrs. Hernandez is a teacher at El Sereno Middle School. Our students’ donations will go to The Children’s Hospital via the Valentina Marie Hernandez Foundation.

In addition, a small portion of our toys also went to El Sereno Middle Special Education teacher Ms. Mary Whelan to give to the Special needs students.

PTHS students should be proud that they took part in making children that have different needs smile and have a Merry Christmas this year. Thank you PTHS students and families!