Prepa Tec Los Angeles High School understands and has embedded into its core belief system that wearing uniforms supports a positive and safe learning environment. When the student enrolled at this school the choice was made knowing that all students were expected to wear the school uniform every day.

PTLAHS’ uniform expectations are high and preparation for what is expected throughout the week must be planned. There are:

  • Uniforms Days
  • Spirit Days
  • Free Dress Days

The uniform must be worn at all times during the school day including the tie, unless student wears Spirit wear on Wednesday, or is given a Free Dress Pass on Friday. Students will be checked upon arrival to school to make sure they are in uniform; and parents will be called to bring students their missing uniform item. If not able to be in full uniform, students will be assigned lunch detention; and if they continue to come without uniform, consequences may include after school detention or Saturday School.

Teachers are given the freedom to allow students to remove the tie or cardigan within their own classroom when the learning can be improved by the modification (an art project, PE, warm weather, science lab, etc.)

We need parent support in ensuring that all our students come to school every day in full uniform.


  • PTLAHS Cardigan or Vest
  • Gray Skirt, pants or shorts
  • PTLAHS Tie
  • White formal collared button-down Shirt
  • Black, white or Gray Sneakers and socks

For Seniors ONLY: As a 12th grader, student Uniform will be Blue Polo Shirt with School Logo and Camel color khaki pants/shorts/skirt


  • Students may wear their full uniform


  • PTLAHS RELATED T-Shirt or University shirt
  • Blue, gray or black jeans (no rips/tears)

Black, white or Gray Sneakers


  • Dress appropriately for school.
  • No rips/tears in clothing

No clothing that promotes gang, drugs, insensitive remarks or sexually explicit images are allowed including over revealing articles of clothing.

Please note that hoodies are not allowed:

  • Navy Blue/Gray or Blue Jacket with no logo (unless PTLAHS)… No Hoodie

Special Rules

  • No torn jeans on any day
  • Uniform pants may be altered slightly to accommodate a tighter fit, but not promote the “skinny jean” Administration reserves the right to request that over altered pants be banned from school.
  • No hooded sweatshirt of any kind
  • No unnatural hair color dye or hairstyle that may be determined to be disruptive to instruction
  • No visible tattoos
  • No body piercing that is determined to be disruptive to the learning environment
  • Rolling up pants or shirt sleeves as a uniform alteration is not allowed.
  • Leggings can be worn by girls on Official Uniform Days under their skirts when the weather is cold

Winter Wear

During the Winter months students may need to wear additional clothing to stay warm. PTLAHS allows the following to be worn when the weather is colder than normal.

  • Navy blue or black jackets/sweaters, consistent with PTLAHS colors, over the required cardigan or vest.
  • Black or Navy blue gloves, beanies and scarves.
  • Official PTLAHS Winter wear jackets, sweaters and letterman-type These are available to order during the winter months.

Exemptions and Scholarships

PTLAHS is a public charter school and is committed to the uniform requirements not being an obstacle to attend the school. If there should be a medical, religious, or financial reason why a student cannot wear the uniform as described in this handbook, a written request must be made to the administration to support the medical, religious or financial need.

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